A non-profit organization
What is DStash Foundation?

DStash Foundation is the legal structure behind the DiapStash project.

In order to be published on Play Store and App Store

Why a non-profit organization?

DiapStash is not a profit-driven project. DiapStash aim to focus on providing to ABDLs and incontinent a diaper tracking app.

However, to publish the application in the best possible way, the project needed a legal structure.

The non-profit organization was that ideal mean. The choice of this associative structure is both a guarantee of freedom to carry out the project as best as possible but also a means of ensuring the good financial management of our accounts, and that your donations are directed to the benefit of the organization. This gives us rights and duties.

DStash Foundation is registered as an "association loi 1901" in France.

DStash Foundation is currently funded exclusively by your donations! And we thank you!

Why donate to DStash Foundation?

Like a company, a non-profit organization has costs inherent in its structure. When we created DStash Foundation, we tried to keep these costs to a minimum.

The projected annual budget is around $900 (head office, bank, developer accounts).

DStash Foundation is financed as of today exclusively by donations.

We accept donations from everyone (you have to be over 18), no matter where you're from!

What will DStash Foundation change on DiapStash?

Not much, except that in addition to being available on Android, the application will be available on iOS through the App Store.

DiapStash will remain a user-friendly application. The application is designed with the strict respect of your personal data. Only the minimum and most necessary data will be used by the application (and its server). (privacy)

I want to take part in the project. How can I participate?

Want to get even more involved?

Are you a developer who would like to help develop the application?

Are you a graphic designer and would like to help create the project's assets (icons, images for social networks, etc.)?

Would you like to spend (really) a lot of time completing the catalog?